Tracking my progress in doing GIS/Geospatial work in Python 3.x
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Attempts at Python 3.x + GIS work with pyshp, osgeo, matplotlib.basemap

Learning about Python and GIS as I go...

Attempting to do everything in Python 3.x, as supplied by Anaconda.

Current status

Libraries I have successfully used

I've been able to install these libraries and use them on OSX and Python 3.5, via the Anaconda installer:

  • fiona - friendly API for handling of different shapefile formats.
  • shapely - geospatial analysis
  • descartes - converts geometric objects into paths and patches for Matplotlib.
  • geopandas - wraps up the above libraries with Pandas DataFrames
  • basemap - Matplotlib's geographic mapping library

Plotting data on maps

Trying to use matplotlib's basemap to do geospatial visualizations.

  • Installed basemap via conda install basemap

  • Created earthquake scatterplot on Earth map layer: gist

    basemap earthquakes
  • Rendered mapviz as part of matplotlib grids

    basemap earthquakes

Working with shapefiles

  • Use basemap to read shapefile and project

  • Plot shapefiles that aren't in lat/lng format by first using [Geopandas to reproject to esri:4326](notebooks/Geopandas%20on%20OS%20X%20and%20Anaconda%20+%20Python 3.5.ipynb)

  • Concatenated shapefiles and converted shapefiles into GeoJSON (blog post on Census population estimates)

Using pyshp

Trying to re-project a shapefile in Python using pyshp:

Using pyproj

Projecting coordinates with pyproj

Other tutorials to look at later: