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This project aims to be an application for finding where people cycle, when, and if we can get the data, estimate good ways to cycle on any given day by looking at things like weather and wind forecasts.

There are several parts to this project:

  • a Flask WSGI app for letting people connect their RunKeeper accounts
  • a PostGIS ORM based on SQLAlchemy and GeoAlchemy
  • some super experimental processing to generate outputs, this bit is definitely a work in progress.

The app is designed to run on Redhat OpenShift, except that OpenShift currently does not support Postgres 9.2/PostGIS 2.0.

RunKeeper API

People may find useful, which is a Python module to talk the RunKeeper API. Please use your own client ID and client secret if you use this module.

Thanks :)

What about Strava?

I am open to adding other cycle tracking services, e.g. Strava. The only requirement is they have an API we can access data from (currently Strava does not). If you desparately want an additional API, send me a pull request.