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A tool for debugging the lifetime of GObjects
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A simple LD_PRELOAD library for tracking the lifetime of GObjects. When loaded
into an application, it prints a list of living GObjects on exiting the
application (unless the application crashes), and also prints reference count
data when it changes. SIGUSR1 or SIGUSR2 can be sent to the application to
trigger printing of more information.


LD_PRELOAD=/path/to/ /path/to/my-app
kill -SIGUSR1 `pidof my-app`  # print a list of currently alive objects
kill -SIGUSR2 `pidof my-app`  # create a checkpoint and print a list of objects
                              # created and destroyed since the previous
                              # checkpoint

If running your application within a debugger, you can list the currently alive
objects at any point by manually sending the SIGUSR1 signal. e.g. In gdb:
    handle SIGUSR1 nostop  # do this once, at startup
    signal SIGUSR1

Environment variables

The following environment variables may be set to affect the output printed by

	Comma-separated list of types of messages to print. The list may
	 • ‘none’: Display no messages unless SIGUSR1 or SIGUSR2 are received,
	           or the application exits.
	 • ‘create’: Print information about newly created objects as they’re
	 • ‘refs’: Print information about every reference increment and
	           decrement on objects.
	 • ‘backtrace’: Include backtraces with every printed message.
	 • ‘all’: All of the above.

	Comma-separated list of object types to print messages about. If this is
	unset, messages will be printed for all object types. Otherwise, they
	will only be printed for the specified camel-case object types.

	By default, the LD_PRELOAD environment variable is unset after
	gobject-list finishes loading.
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