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Commits on Apr 20, 2012
Cosimo Alfarano MxEntry: unref object's members and remove GSources in dispose()
This also fixes dangling callback problems.
Commits on Apr 24, 2012
@thos thos builder: save child properties 7be5269
@thos thos builder: ensure the builder data is passed to widget_captured_event ddc5c51
@thos thos builder: paint a border around hovered widgets 57905d7
@thos thos builder: automatically add new widgets to a parent container 4b47716
@thos thos builder: allow the tree view to scroll c79eb6f
@thos thos builder: add MxExpander to the list of widgets 15225ee
@thos thos builder: only display the managed child of an MxBin in the tree view d6da360
@thos thos builder: only save the managed child of an MxBin 18e1ca4
@thos thos builder: save the child property of MxBin rather than the children 3894dac
@thos thos builder: set a lighter grid colour cd0a202
@thos thos style: don't load the style from a resource if it is loaded from a file e937011
@thos thos builder: include the "name" property and write it as both "name" and …
Commits on Apr 25, 2012
Danielle Madeley pager: beginning of MxPager 53606e8
Danielle Madeley pager: add childmeta varargs to add_internal_actor() 6bcb3d3
Danielle Madeley pager: add paging buttons to the bottom of the widget a14c125
Danielle Madeley pager: misc tweaks 99c455d
Danielle Madeley pager: animate page changes 30cb7f4
Danielle Madeley pager: show the prev/next preview when you hover over the event boxes 79a8824
Danielle Madeley pager: make sure preview is correct after removing a page c457c8c
Danielle Madeley pager: reschedule preview timeout after page flip 4cb47f6
Danielle Madeley pager: make bump work better e4ca7e6
Danielle Madeley pager: remove debugging 04bbd6c
Danielle Madeley pager: add to docs 0451762
Danielle Madeley pager: remove deprecated ClutterContainer API 9ffe370
Danielle Madeley pager: make 'edge-previews' optional
Not everyone wants to preview the previous/next tile when they hover on
the tile edges. Make this behaviour optional.
Danielle Madeley pager: minor tweaks
Animate the button box. Add some padding to the class structure for ABI
Danielle Madeley pager: add page-num and page-actor properties d7f0458
Danielle Madeley pager: implement MxFocusable 76c6d6a
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