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The simplest Lua HTML template engine in just a few lines of code


luarocks install template

Compiling templates

Templates can be compiled by either running

templatec template.tpl -o template.lua

nor by passing a string to template.compile.


In short, Lua expressions must be included between percent signs and Lua statements must be placed beetween question marks.

Variables and expressions

<a href="page-<%page + 2%>"><%next%></a>

Variables and expressions without HTML escaping



<? for i = 1, 3 do ?>
  <li>item #<%i%></li>
<? end ?> 


<? if 1 > 2 then ?>
<? else ?>
That's right!
<? end ?>

Template inclusion

Templates are compiled to a general Lua file and hence can be loaded by require statement:

  <script><% require "scripts" %></script>
  <style><% require "styles" %></style>

Evaluating templates

template.print takes three arguments: template function, a table with variables passed to the template and optionally a callback function, which handles string printing (print is used by default).

Compressing templates

template.compile has an optional minify argument and templatec has -m option.