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ScrapBook X is a Firefox addon based on ScrapBook Plus and also integrating several features from the latest versions of ScrapBook.


ScrapBook X has many powerful features. Below is a short summary. See Features for detail.

  • Save web pages faithfully: Web pages shown on the screen can be saved without losing any subtle detail. Time of saving and source URL are also recorded for later reference.
  • Save partial content: You can save partial web content. You can decide whether to save images, audio and video files, fonts, frames, styles, and/or scripts. You can decide how to process saved styles. You can edit the web content to your liking before saving. You can save the web page as a bookmark. ... And more ways for saving are available for you.
  • Extensive save: You can save web pages and files linked by the web page, save multiple opened tabs, save a list of pages using a URL list, ..., and there are more batch save functionality available for you.
  • Manage data: You can manage saved items with a tree structure, just as easy as managing the bookmarks.
  • Search data: You can search any fragment of the saved web pages with the built-in full-text engine.
  • Edit data: You can add highlights, comments, annotations, or even edit the source html for the saved pages.
  • Take notes: You can create note pages in ScrapBook, and edit them as easy as editing web pages.
  • Input and output data: You can combine multiple data items into one. You can generate HTML tree list and make a static scrapbook site. You can configure multi-ScrapBook databases that won't interfere with each other. You can import and export data items for backup or exchange.
  • Addons: Some Firefox addons can be integrated with ScrapBook to extend its power, such as these ones.


What is the difference between ScrapBook X and other ScrapBook versions? Below is a short summary. See Specificity for detail.

  • Fixed many bugs
  • Editor tools are more powerful
  • New features for note-taking and knowledge management
  • Data preservation is more precise
  • Data finding is easier
  • User interface is more humane
  • Core code structure is improved


Simply download and install a desired version from the Firefox Addon.

Moreover, you can select a revision from the source repository. If a Firefox signed .xpi is available, just download it, or you can download zip packed source code, rename the downloaded file extension to .xpi, and then drag it into Firefox to install the desired version.

If you were using ScrapBook or ScrapBook Plus, be sure to disable or remove them before using ScrapBook X, to prevent a possible conflict.

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