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A browser extension that captures the web page faithfully with highly customizable configurations. This project inherits from ScrapBook X.
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Introduction to WebScrapBook

WebScrapBook is a browser extension that captures the web page faithfully with various archive formats and customizable configurations. This project inherits from legacy Firefox addon ScrapBook X.



  1. Capture web pages faithfully: Web pages shown in the browser can be captured without losing any subtle detail. Metadata such as source URL and timestamp are also recorded.

  2. Customizable capture: WebScrapBook can save selected area in a page, save source page (before processed by scripts), or save page as a bookmark. How to capture images, audio, video, fonts, frames, styles, scripts, etc. are also customizable. A web page can be saved as a folder, a ZIP-based archive file (HTZ or MAFF), or a single HTML file.

  3. Organizable collections: Captured pages can be organized in the browser sidebar using one or more "scrapbooks". A scrapbook holds a hierarchical tree structure organize data items, and can be further indexed for a rich-feature search (using a combination of title, fulltext keywords, custom comment, source URL, or other metadata). (*)

  4. Page editing: A web page can be edited before a capture. A captured page can also be edited and saved back to the database. You can additionally create and manage notes in HTML or markdown format. (*)

  5. Remote access: Captured data can be hosted with a central backend server and be read or edited from other devices. Alternatively, a static site index can be generated for a scrapbook, which can therefore be hosted on almost any shared web server. (*)

  6. Mobile support: WebScrapBook supports Firefox for Android. You can capture and edit the web page from a mobile phone or tablet.

  7. Legacy ScrapBook support: Data collected via legacy ScrapBook or ScrapBook X can be imported into WebScrapBook.

  • All or partial functionality of a starred feature above requires a running collaborating backend server, which can be easily set up using PyWebScrapBook.
  • An HTZ or MAFF archive file can be viewed using the built-in archive page viewer, with PyWebScrapBook or other assistant tools, or by opening the index page after unzipping.


  • This extension is available for Chromium-based browsers (Google Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, etc.), and Firefox for Desktop and Android.
  • Download: for Google Chrome, for Firefox

See Also

For further information and frequently asked questions, visit the documentation wiki.

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