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Rubygems Mirror LITE

This program can help to full mirror of a remote gems server (mainly It's written with EventMachine, a ruby event-driven framework, and consists of two parts -- a rubygems puller which keep sync with remote gems server and a stub api server which implements dependencies api of

Notice: This is a tool which is for pure mirroring only. If you want a private gems server, please use other tools such as Geminabox. However, you can full mirror those private gems server with this tool.

How it works

                |       Official Mirror        |
                         [HTTP GET]
              [Fetch *.4.8] -> [Store in local]
            [Parse *specs.4.8 to discover new gems]
                |--[loop fetch new gems/gemspecs] -----> [Store in local]
                |             |
            [All .gem/.gemspec.rz files fetched]
         [Update dependencies data from *.gemspec.rz]

                                              [Dynamicly meerge dependencies data]
                        [Directly serve files] [reverse proxy to stub api server]
                                  |                             |
                        [Query for single gem]       [Query for mutiple gems]
                                  |                             |
           [reverse proxy back to source server] |
                             |                   |
                 [other than dependencies] [dependencies]
                             |                   |
    [Directly serve files]   ---------------------
              |                        |
[*.4.8/.gem/.gemspec.rz files]       [API]
              |                        |
                     [Web server]


Ruby libraries:

  • rubygems
  • eventmachine
  • em-http-request


First of all, you'll need to install Ruby & all required gems

$ # install ruby with your system's pkg manager or any other way
$ gem install eventmachine em-http-request

You may want to switch a dedicated user first.

$ sudo su mirror_user

clone the source code to somewhere you like

$ cd /path/to/where/you/like
$ git clone

Then copy the mirror-conf.rb.example to mirror-conf.rb, and edit it as you want.

$ cp mirror-conf.rb.example mirror-conf.rb
$ vim mirror-conf.rb

After finishing editing, do the first sync. This will take a long while, you may wish to use screen/tmux to run this command and configure the webserver during wainting.

$ ./rubygems-pull.rb

(There are some arguments for the rubygems-pull.rb script, you can get more details in the header comments of that file.)

BTW, the size of full mirror of is about 150GB.

The above process only prepare files that will be used for a mirror. You will need a web server to serve those files.

The following is for nginx:

There is an example file at examples/nginx-server-example.conf

For nginx, we mostly serve files direct with nginx itself. But for dependencies api, we use try_files to get some more performance. Therefore, we must link dep_data folder into mirror folder (where we set as root path). (I prefer to make it hidden since it's not file originally located here.)

$ cd /path/to/mirror/folder/mirror
$ ln -s ../dep_data .dep_data

After making this symbolic link, we can use try_files to directly serve single gem queries.

And the stub api server will be discussed later.

There may be some more web server configurations.

For Rubygems itself, it uses only single gem query of dependencies api. However, for bundler, it uses mutiple gems query. Therefore, there is a stub api server for this purpose.

The stub api server is a ruby script that can run directly.

$ cd /path/to/where/you/like
$ ./rubygems-dep-api-server.rb

However, at most time, you won't want to run it manually.

You can write an init.d script for init systems, or a service file for systemd systems.

There is an example for systemd service file at examples/rubygems-dep-api-server.service

There should be an example init.d script :P

And finally, the first sync is done! (If it doesn't, you can wait it util done ^.< )

You may wish the sync process to be run automatically. (It's also recommended to do so.) For this purpose, you can write a crontab or systemd timer.

For crontab, just append the following line to /etc/crontab, making it run hourly.

0 * * * *   mirror_user      /path/to/where/you/like/rubygems-pull.rb

The script will generate some output. If you don't want your root's mailbox be bugged by those output. You can redirect the stdout to /dev/null.

0 * * * *   mirror_user      /path/to/where/you/like/rubygems-pull.rb > /dev/null

Or you may wish log it somewhere.

0 * * * *   mirror_user      /path/to/where/you/like/rubygems-pull.rb > /path/to/log/folder/`date +\%Y_\%m_\%d_\%H_\%M`.log

Maybe will add systemd timer later?


  • Maybe add bundler? (Though I don't think it's required for this tool :P

Report bugs

If you find any bug, welcome to open an issue here.

Running mirror

  • My testing mirror at Taiwan, which is used for developing this program.

Welcome to put your mirror here :-)


All source code in this repository is licensed under the MIT license unless specified otherwise. A copy of this license can be found in the file "LICENSE" in the root directory of this repository.


My own implement of rubygems mirror







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