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Inputs Description
App Icon An image. Doesn’t need to be rounded—the component does that for you. Is displayed on SpringBoard (the home screen).
App Name The name of your app. Is displayed on SpringBoard (the home screen).
App Tint The predominant colour of your App Icon and app contents. Helps blend the animation between App Icon and full-app.
Open App Pulse to launch your app.
Close App Pulse to close your app and return to SpringBoard.
Wallpaper An image. The default iOS water one if unspecified.
Outputs Description
App Icon Down Boolean for detecting when App Icon is being pressed.
App Icon Pulse Pulses when App Icon is tapped.
App Launch Progress Progress (between 0 and 1) of your app being animated open (and closed). 1 being fully open.
App Launched Boolean that returns true when App Launch Progress is 1.