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Alf - Your Little Bash Alias Friend

Version Build

Alf enhances your bash alias management.


  • Create aliases by using a config file
  • Create aliases for sub-commands (for example, g s for git status)
  • Synchronize your aliases across hosts or users by uploading your config file to GitHub.

Getting Started

1. Install the alf executable script

$ bash <(curl -s

If you prefer to install manually, simply download the alf file, place it somewhere in your path, and make it executable.

2. Create your own alf-conf repository

The easiest way to use alf is to create a repository on github, call it alf-conf, and put an alf.conf file in it.

3. Connect alf to your repository

$ alf connect <your github user>


$ alf --help
alf - Your Little Bash Alias Friend

  alf c|connect REPO [-y]
    Connect to a remote git repository.
    REPO can be:
    - Your username on GitHub. In this case, we will assume the
      repository is named 'alf-conf'
    - Your username/repo on GitHub
    - Any other full URL to a repository
    In case the -y flag is specified, the operation will be
    executed without prompting for confirmation.

  alf d|download
    Perform 'git pull' on a previously connected repo

  alf u|upload
    Perform 'git commit' and 'git push' on a previously connected

  alf g|generate
    Generate aliases from the config file in the connected repo
    to stdout

  alf s|save
    Generate aliases and save to ~/.bash_aliases

  alf e|edit
    Open your alf.conf for editing

  alf w|which CODE [SUBCODE]
    Shows the alias command

  alf -u|--upgrade|upgrade
    Upgrade alf to latest version

  alf -h|--help|help
    Show this message

  alf -v|--version|version
    Show version number

For a similar project, but for command shortcuts on a per-directory basis, see opcode.

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