gentoo overlays for programs I find useful, but no ebuild exists. Sure to have issuses.
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gentoo overlays for programs I find useful, but no ebuild exists. Sure to have issuses.

This is my first attepmt a writing ebuilds let alone maanaging a repo. All programs have been tested on ~amd64 and the dependencies were determined based off of the soure README files and the output of objdump -x|grep NEEDED then using equery b (filename) to determine the proper package. Any feedback is always welcome as I'm sure no one gets it right the first time.

currently in the repo is:

mkvextract-GTK: a GTK front-end similar to the one in windows. Simply extracts the elementary streams and does dump chapters

fkdaac: front end for the FDK AAC encoding library. besides doing HE-AAC vbr correctly and most channel functions correctly it is the only frontend besides ffmpeg iteslf that accepts piped input.

ccextractor: closed caption susbitle extractor Made as the tree has not been updated since 0.69 even though a bug report has been submitted. Built using internal static libs allowing MP4 files to be read even though GPAC isn't installed and to avoid issuses with libav or (lack of) fmpeg being needed

MakeMKV: A Tool to process video discs and MKV files into other containers to say the least. Added 1.8.14 as the main tree just now got 1.8.13

Handbrake-upstream: As the name says, build the SVN version using the providied upstream libraries. If you are a ffmpeg user you do not need this. If you are a libav user this is necessary as building with libav fails, and using ffmpeg is not option for me as using ffmpeg does not allow me to use mplayer,mplayer2,or smplayer. mpv works but no BD subtitles rendered Nice side effect is x265 encodeing is a option.

Planned: Whatever comes to mind. considering my workflow it will pertain to video or audio related tools