Add a new option for different keep-alive behaviour #7

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This adds the agentkeepalive module for the new option.keepAlive

When keepAlive is true the Endpoint will use the alternate Agent. When false or unset it will use the default node Agent.

added some commits Nov 15, 2012
@dannycoates use agentkeepalive module for endpoint keep-alive support 20fa515
@dannycoates Merge branch 'master' into keepalive 58a28ba
@dannycoates made the behaviour match the name of the maxRetries options
maxRetries should mean the number of request to try _after_ the
initial attempt fails. So attemptsLeft should be maxRetries + 1
to account for the first attempt. Before this change the total
number of attempts made was maxRetries, one less than expected.
@dannycoates updated readme for maxRetries. Also documented events 855f910
@dannycoates add keepAlive option to readme 855f0eb
@dannycoates dannycoates merged commit c2e5e76 into master Nov 16, 2012
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