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A responsive👨‍🎨 boilerplate using Material UI and MERN (MongoDB, Express🚉, React, Node) to create a login system with a dashboard.
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This project makes building responsive login systems with MERN a breeze using these technologies:


npm install


Make sure to add a config.js file in the config folder. See the example there for more details.

Production mode:

npm start

Development (Webpack dev server) mode:

npm run start:dev

Notes about development

  • The way I do persistance with user login (keep users logged in even after a refresh) is every time they login, I generate a new UserSession object on the DB that holds the _id corresponding to the user in the users collection as well as a timestamp of when they logged in. I store the _id of this usersession object in the localStorage and grab it again when they reload the page to check in the database. When they logout, I set the isDeleted property of the usersession object to true.


  • Validate emails, usernames (alphanumerical),
  • Change login to be username, password (for later)
  • Add email verification (for later)
  • Setup 'forgot my password' on sign in page


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