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A neural network built from scratch in Java. Work in progress...
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Simple NN in Java.iml

Neural Network

A simple neural network built from scratch in Java.


  1. Clone the repository: $ git clone
  2. Go into the source: $ cd simple_nn_in_java/src
  3. Pick out the libraries you want to use and copy the file into your code base


  • This is a matrix library built from scratch in Java.
  • Includes all basic element wise operations as well as dot product, transpose, print functions, and more.

  • A simple class to represent the shape of a matrix.

  • Represents a single activation function.
  • During initialization, specify the activation function you want to use, and when you call activate(double number), it will use the specified function

  • A single layer in the network.
  • Has its own weights, biases, and activation functions.
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