Dual-Screen PDF Viewer for latex-beamer
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Dual-Screen PDF Viewer for latex-beamer

Build Status

This is a simple viewer for latex-beamer presentations that are built with the show notes on second screen option of latex-beamer.

It will take your PDF file, split it in a left and right half and render the two halves individually to the screens.


There is a manpage included that explains all the options and keybindings. Most important ones are probably:

Command line:

dspdfviewer [options] pdf-file

where the most useful option is probably -f, because it enables you to use the software with a standard pdf (i.e. not specifically built for latex-beamer).


Left/Right, Mouse Buttons or Mouse Wheel: Back/Forward

S or F12: Swap screens (if you see the wall clock on the projector)

B or . (period): blank/unblank audience screen

Q/Esc: Quit


Please read the installation section on the project's website for detailed instructions, broken down by operating system.

For generic from-source installation instructions, you can also consult the INSTALL file.