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This is Perpetual. It is "yet another music player" for the Mac.

The Problem

I love incessantly playing music on repeat. I love incessantly playing game music on repeat. But with game music in particular—especially those tracks created after music was no longer "coded"—MP3s, with their raw waveforms, just don't fit the bill. This is mainly because they don't loop "correctly," like they would while you're playing the game. Fade outs suck.

The Solution

This music player strives to do one thing and do it very well: incessently loop your music. Choose how many times you want to loop it, or just loop it perpetually. Right now, that process is manual. Eventually we hope to do it for you.

Also, this will eventually be on the App Store, but it will always be open source.

The Backstory

It's quite simple actually:

  1. Come up with the idea in the shower.
  2. Rush out, sketch a version and then create a mock and throw it up on Dribbble (
  3. @kallepersson steps in and starts developing it while I slept.
  4. Wake up to awesome.

The Developers