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-This small Cocoa app is based on the awesome idea by Bryan Veloso:
+# Perpetual
+This is Perpetual. It is "yet another music player" for the Mac.
+## The Problem
+I love incessantly playing music on repeat. I love incessantly playing game
+music on repeat. But with game music in particular—especially those tracks
+created after music was no longer "coded"—MP3s, with their raw waveforms,
+just don't fit the bill. This is mainly because they don't loop "correctly,"
+like they would while you're playing the game. Fade outs suck.
+## The Solution
+This music player strives to do _one_ thing and do it _very_ well: incessently
+loop your music. Choose how many times you want to loop it, or just loop it
+Right now, that process is manual. Eventually we hope to do it for you.
+## The Backstory
+It's quite simple actually:
+1. Come up with the idea in the shower.
+2. Rush out, sketch a version and then create a mock and throw it up on
+ Dribbble (
+3. @kallepersson steps in and starts developing it while I slept.
+4. Wake up to awesome.
+## The Developers
+* [@bryanveloso]( —
+* [@kallepersson]( -

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