GAMEPREZ Developer Kit
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GAMEPREZ Developer Kit

The gpdk is a JavaScript/CoffeeScript library for creating computer games that are compatible with the gameserver.

The purpose of the gpdk is to help game developers bring their ideas to life on the web, using HTML5 standards such as SVG, Canvas, and CSS. Using HTML5 standards gives gpdk-built games access to the full capabilities of a modern browser's native functions.

The gpdk treats games as data-driven interactive visualizations where the "data" are game elements/entities by using the D3 visualization library. D3 was originally created at Stanford University by Michael Bostock, Vadim Ogievetsky, and Jeffrey Heer and is now an open-source project.

Developers can publish their gpdk-based games by uploading to and get paid via ad revenue sharing. Gamers can play games built using the gpdk in their browser without downloading any files or installing any plugins.

See the wiki for more info.