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DevDmBootstrap4 v1.7

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@dannymachal dannymachal released this 25 Apr 17:24
· 4 commits to master since this release
  • Renamed Bootstrap_Comment_Walker.php -> devdmbootstrap_comment_walker.php and also changed the name of the class.
  • template-parts/comments.php has been updated with the new comment walker name.
  • Included minified and unminified versions of the main css files.
  • Updated all php require's to use get_template_directory() in the file path.
  • searchform.php esc_attr_e fixes on the search form.
  • template-parts/postmeta-header.php to use get_option('date_format') for the post date.
  • Removed the editor-style.css as it was just there as a placeholder for users.
  • Added in the enqueue for comment-reply.js to functions.php and updated the CSS so it would appear where it was expected.