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qBittorrent - A BitTorrent client in Qt4
qBittorrent is a bittorrent client programmed in C++ / Qt4 that uses
libtorrent (sometimes called rblibtorrent) by Arvid Norberg.
It aims to be a good alternative to all other bittorrent clients
out there. qBittorrent is fast, stable and provides unicode
support as well as many features.
This product includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from
For installation, follow the instructions from INSTALL file, but simple:
make && make install
will install and execute qBittorrent hopefully without any problem.
For more information please visit:
or our wiki here:
Please report any bug (or feature request) to:
You can also meet me (chris-qBT) on IRC:
#qbittorrent on
Christophe Dumez <>