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qBittorrent - A BitTorrent client in Qt4
This is the eComStation (OS/2) qBittorrent part of the readme. See also README for more general information.
Building qBittorrent
- gcc based build env (recommended gcc v4.4.2 or greater)
- Qt4 for eCS (OS/2) dev package (see for more information)
- libtorrent-rasterbar for eCS (OS/2) port (see for more information)
- boost for eCS (OS/2) port (see for more information)
How to build
First you need to create the conf.pri file in the same dir as this readme.os2 is.
the conf.pri file has the following content:
##### conf.pri content beginn #####
BINDIR = ./bin
INCDIR = ./include
LIBDIR = ./lib
DATADIR = ./share
CONFIG += staticlib
INCLUDEPATH += x:/trees/libtorrent/trunk/include
LIBS += -Lx:/trees/libtorrent/trunk/src/.libs \
-Lx:/trees/boost/trunk/stage/lib \
-Lx:/trees/openssl \
##### conf.pri content end #####
Of course all the above path references have to be adjusted to your build env.
Now you can either do a normal build or a shadow build. A shadow build has the
advantage that no created files are in the same dir as the sources are.
For a normal build do the following:
Simply type:
$ qmake
Followed by:
$ make
For a shadow build do the following:
given your sources are in x:\trees\qbittorrent\trunk create a
x:\trees\qbittorrent\build directory
Now switch to the created directory and type:
$ qmake ..\trunk
Followed by:
$ make
If all works fine you should get a working qbittorrent executable.
If you have any question regarding the eCS (OS/2) port of qBittorrent you can meet me (_diver) on IRC:
#netlabs on
Silvan Scherrer <>