A Middleman 3.0 project template for the HTML Email Boilerplate (http://htmlemailboilerplate.com/), converted to HAML.
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Middleman 3.0.x Project Template: HTML Email Boilerplate HAML

HTML Email Boilerplate HAML is the HTML5 Boilerplate 0.5 adapted as a HAML Middleman 3.x project template, optimized for rapid development.

Using Bundler and RVM is highly recommended.



Download and install into ~/.middleman (you'll have to create this directory if it's not already there). You can then use it with the --template flag on middleman init.


  1. Download/clone to: ~/.middleman/htmlemailbp/
  2. Then create your new Middleman project: middleman init my_new_project --template=htmlemailbp

For more help follow Middleman's project template instructions.


  • In your source, keep style files organized seperately, but included in your layout file using partials and <style> tags.
  • After you use middleman build, use Premailer to preflight your email and automatically inline all styles. Add this file to your repo in the /build/ folder. I use filename index-prelight.html.
  • Test with Litmus