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A Middleman Project Template built with the HTML5 Boilerplate converted to HAML, included with Sprockets, SUSY, and more.


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Middleman 3.0.x Project Template: HTML5 Boilerplate HAML, Normalize, Susy, Sprockets Includes

HTML5 Boilerplate HAML is the HTML5 Boilerplate 4.0 adapted as a HAML Middleman 3.x project template with Susy 1.0 responsive grids ready to go, content using Markdown, SCSS organized with SMACSS, Coffeescript, Sprockets and more.

Using Bundler and RVM is highly recommended.


  • Uses the HTML5 Boilerplate 4.0, converted to a Middleman/HAML workflow.
  • Susy 1.0 responsive grids ready to go.
  • SMACSS stylesheet organization
  • Middleman Livereload: enabled for the generic 'middleman' command by default
  • Smart Site/Page handling for titles and descriptions (via the Middleman Docs source
  • Middleman Favicon Maker: creates favicons and touch icons on build from favicon_base.png in /source/
  • RVM-ready
  • Some good .gitignore defaults

Hopefully this will save people some time. Add any suggestions to the issue tracker.


Download and install into ~/.middleman (you'll have to create this directory if it's not already there). You can then use it with the --template flag on middleman init.


  1. Download/clone to: ~/.middleman/html5bphaml/
  2. Then create your new Middleman project: middleman init my_new_project --template=html5bphaml

For more help follow Middleman's project template instructions.

Bundled with Middleman

This will soon be bundled with Middleman by default. Stay tuned.


Middleman HTML5 Boilerplate HAML documentation: A good overview of some of the small changes we made with this version of the HTML5 Boilerplate.

HTML5 Boilerplate documentation: Documentation that is included with the HTML5 Boilerplate. Note that some things (e.g. paths) will differ between this version of the HTML5 Boilerplate and the original.

Older Middleman Versions

This will likely work with Middleman 2.x, but it's optimized for Middleman 3.x. You might have a few manual tasks to perform (e.g. bundling after middleman init, changing Gemfile version numbers, etc.).


Have a better way of doing this? Jump on in. If there are better defaults to include in a Middleman workflow, add them in. This is just what I use (and continually update) as my standard default for Middleman Sites.


A Middleman Project Template built with the HTML5 Boilerplate converted to HAML, included with Sprockets, SUSY, and more.