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my game for ld36, made in godot 2.1. simple hotseat game, originally planned to have networking, but I couldn't get it to work. playable on itch

pause:z // p1:wasd // p2:arrows

[updated sept 6]

this is my go at the ld36 theme of 'ancient tech'. my take on it was the invention of fire/man's first technology kind of thing. concept: pilot crashes in the woods and needs a fire to stay alive until rescue. mischievous gremlin wants to put out the fire. fuel cans add/sub to fire for player 1/2. p1 wins by running out the timer, p2 by the fire going out. song by mark sparling

day 1 was reading godot docs and looking at example projects, day 2 was making the game. pretty basic, but felt like I learned a bit.

issues: platforms buggy jump physics not tuned scoring scheme not balanced lag/hitches on web version

unimplemented ideas: other maps (shipwrecked, abandoned building, etc.) powerups: stun/slow opponent online play