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energy@home is a project created to use the CurrentCost CC128 device. CC128 is the one with the black boarder around the display. I decided to make my own program to learn programming about in Linux. The goal of the project is to capture information from CC128 (and possibly other devices) and display it in a friendly manner accessible over the Internet. I found other Linux based programs to be complicated or did not do what I wanted to do. The software is for self hosting and therefore no monthly or annual fee is required (except for running the software in-house).


See COPYING for more details about the licensing of this program.


  • Graphs to display usage and other statistics
  • Twitter integration - Tweets summary messages of energy consumption hourly and / or daily. Removed since authentication protocol have changed on Twitter.
  • All free (cost) and free (freedom) software (see license)
  • Customizable options including auto-refresh, zoom, multi channel and device acquisition and more
  • Displays graph data in a table Currently disabled but set to be re-instated once fixed
  • Tested with CurrentCost CC128 "Envi" device
  • Intelligent and configurable data capture and storage using triggers and filters
  • Requires standard Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) set up with only Python as additional software requirement.


See INSTALL file to install / run energy@home.


Currently it only supports CurrentCost CC128 "Envi" device but I have reports that it also works with "EnviR" devices too. This is because I only have this device to work with and therefore to test with.

If the time is taken from the device it will automatically use the date from the server. This is due to the limitation with the device because it only sends out the time with no date information. Also CC128 does not sync it's time to anything so if power was lost, the time would be wrong and could cause data anomalies. It is advised to use NTP or similar protocol on the server to ensure the date and time is correct regardless if the time is taken from the device or not. This is a device limitation.

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