A Go client library for Moneybird
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Moneybird Go

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An unofficial Go client library for Moneybird. This package is still experimental and could be subject to heavy change.


import (

mb := &moneybird.Client{
  Token: "token",
  AdministrationID: "administration-id-here",
  HTTPClient: &http.Client{},

contact, _ := mb.Contact().Create(&moneybird.Contact{
  Email: "john@doe.com",
  FirstName: "John",
  LastName: "Doe",

See the integration tests for some more working examples.


In order to run the integration tests, you have to configure a sandbox account in Moneybird. Before running the integration tests with go test, make sure the following environment variables are set.

export MONEYBIRD_TEST_TOKEN="your-sandbox-token"
export MONEYBIRD_TEST_ADMINISTRATION_ID="your-sandbox-administration-id"


MIT Licensed. See the LICENSE file for details.