Binding OCaml to cordova-plugin-background-mode using gen_js_api.
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This is a binding to the cordova plugin:

Binding to cordova-plugin-background-mode

What does cordova-plugin-background-mode do ?

This cordova plug-in can be used for applications, who rely on continuous network communication independent of from direct user interactions and remote push notifications.

Source: cordova-plugin-background-mode

How to install and compile your project by using this plugin ?

Don't forget to switch to a compiler >= 4.03.0.

opam switch 4.03.0

You can use opam by pinning the repository with

opam pin add cordova-plugin-background-mode

and to compile your project, use

ocamlfind ocamlc -c -o [output_file] -package gen_js_api -package cordova-plugin-background-mode [...] -linkpkg [other arguments]

Don't forget to install the cordova plugin camera with

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-background-mode

How to use ?

See the official documentation cordova-plugin-background-mode