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Binding in OCaml to Javascript standard library

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This library aims to provide a binding to the JavaScript standard library and DOM using pure OCaml type (not using JS module from js_of_ocaml for example).

Some technologies such as js_of_ocaml provides a compiler from OCaml to JavaScript allowing OCaml developer to use OCaml to develop such as applications running in a browser or mobile applications using cordova.

How is this library implemented?

Gen_js_api is recommended which aims to provide binding to JavaScript independently of the OCaml to JavaScript compiler. With gen_js_api, you only need to provide the interface (mli file) and gen_js_api executable outputs the implementation.

How to install and compile your project?

Don't forget to switch to a compiler >= 4.03.0.

opam switch 4.03.0

You can use opam by pinning the repository with

opam pin add ocaml-js-stdlib

and to compile (in bytecode) your project, use (add js_of_ocaml package if you use it)

ocamlfind ocamlc -o [output_bytecode_file] -package gen_js_api -package ocaml-js-stdlib [...] -linkpkg [other arguments]

You can also manually compile. A Makefile is provided:

  • make: generate the ml files from the interface, and compile mli in cmi and ml in cmo.
  • make clean: remove ml, cmi and cmo files.
  • make re: clean and execute make.
  • make install: install the library under ocaml-js-stdlib.
  • make remove: remove the library.

How to use it

Gen_js_api and some files need the compiler >= 4.03.0. See the gen_js_api repository for informations about compilation.


  • js_core.mli: partial binding to the core JavaScript standard library.
  • js_dom.mli: binding to the DOM.
  • jQuery.mli: bindings to jQuery.
  • js_date.mli: bindings to the Date object.


  • Documentation

  • The entire library structure must be defined.

  • We need to unify the styles used for the bindings: classes or private types ?


This library is under LGPL license.



  • Lexifi SAS: Thanks for the initial js_dom.mli, jQuery.mli and js_core.mli files and the license choice.


Binding in OCaml to the javascript standard library




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