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This is the source and infrastructure for my website.


  • src/ holds all the markdown source files for the website.

  • html/ is the build directory with the compiled source files

  • The Makefile will build markdown files from within src/ (and ending in .md) and put them in html/

  • scripts/ holds an update script used by the systemd service files

  • This site is kind of flakey in terms of configuration. I'll try to improve the infrastructure when I get more time.


  • Clone this repository onto the server in $HOME

    • It has to be at $HOME since the systemd service scripts are currently hard coded to that location
  • Make a user owned (not http server user owned) directory in /var/www/

  • Set up the systemd timer for automated builds and site updates:

$ cd
$ systemctl --user link `realpath ./update-site.service`
$ systemctl --user link `realpath ./update-site.timer`
$ systemctl --user enable update-site.timer update-site.service

$ # Start caddy webserver
$ cd ..
$ sudo cp Caddyfile /etc/caddy/Caddyfile
$ sudo mkdir /var/log/caddy
$ sudo chown caddy:caddy /var/log/caddy
$ sudo systemctl link `realpath ./caddy.service`
$ sudo systemctl enable caddy
$ sudo systemctl start caddy

$ # Install cgitrc
$ sudo ln -s `$(realpath ./cgitrc)` /etc/cgitrc