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iOS Music and Sound Engine for Games in C++ - openFrameworks
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Wrapper Class for Cocoas Denshion Sound Player to be used within openFrameWorks.

This currently will work with iOS Projects.

I found that the default AVSoundPlayer while great for single audio files being played, it really started to lag when playing multiple sounds all the time (say in a game environment), or you happen to call play on a sound effect for example. This was making the games drop about 10-25 FPS intermidently when playing sound.

Working in live iOS Projects:

Freddy's Pass Off:

Where to checkout?

For openframeworks:

Checkout in the addons folder like addons/ofxCocosDenshion


How to Add addon to existing project in Xcode?

Add the following Folders to your project from your addons directory.

  • addons/ofxCocosDenshion/src
  • addons/ofxCocosDenshion/libs

Documentation on Cocos Denshion


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