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openFrameworks Addon for SpriteSheets and Animated Sprites generated from TexturePacker
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OpenFrameworks addon for loading and rendering sprites and animated sprites generated from CodeAndWeb's TexturePacker application.

What is TexturePacker?

  • Allows quick creation of sprite sheets with reference name of the original image
  • Optimises rendering speed and memory usage of an App or Game
  • Mutli-OS (OSX,Linux,Windows)
  • Supports generating sprite sheets for different targets automatically (i.e. retina and non-retina)

What is a Sprite Sheet?

Get Texture Packer (has free to use version)

What this addon does?

  • This addon loads the exported TexturePacker texture and format into a usable data structure for c++ and openFrameworks.

What export settings do I use in TexturePacker Application?

  • Currently use "Generic XML"
  • May look into getting openFrameworks offically supported and have our own defined XML format.

Why use this addon?

  • Easy intergration.
  • Saves memory
  • Optimises rendering
  • Supports animation

How to refactor an ofImage into ofxTPSprite:

// Turn:
ofImage * normal = new ofImage();
// Into:
ofxTPSprite * normal = texturePacker.getSprite("images/normal.png");

How to load an animated sprite

ofxTexturePackerPtr texturepacker;
ofxTPAnimatedSpritePtr spaceship_sprite;

texturepacker = ofxTexturePackerPtr(new ofxTexturePacker());
spaceship_sprite = texturepacker->getAnimatedSprite("spaceship");

Don't forget to update() your sprite.


  • ofxTexturePacker loads the png image designated by the xml file using a path relative to the xml file's location.
  • getAnimationNames requires that you name your sprites with a common prefix
  • disable trimming if you set the pivot

Still a work in progress. Will be maintained.

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