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(maintained) an oscpack-inspired C++ wrapper for the liblo OSC library
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an oscpack-inspired C++ wrapper for the liblo OSC library

Copyright (c) Dan Wilcox 2009, 2015


This is an oscpack-style wrapper for the liblo Open Sound Control (OSC) library. You should be able to use this as a drop in replacement in most cases.

Features include:

  • OscReceiver server class
  • OscSender class w/ C++ stream based interface for building & sending messages
  • OscObject class for subclasses based message handling, nestable within address spaces
  • ReceivedMessage class with smart message parsing and argument introspection
  • support for all argument types used by liblo (and as defined by the official OSC spec)
  • support for sending & receiving multicast messages


See the headers in src/lopack and the example in src/lptest for more info.

Building & Installing

You will need liblo installed before building. On Mac OSX, you can use Homebrew with:

brew install liblo

This is an automake project, so build the lib & test with:


Run the test program with:

cd src/lptest



Install via:

make install


A Premake4 script and IDE files can be found in the prj folder. Premake4 can generate the IDE files from a given lua script. Download Premake4 from

Make sure the externals are built by calling the prj/setupbuild script which runs configure and calls make in the externals dir.

You can enable a debug build using:

./configure --enable-debug

I develop using an IDE, then update the autotools files when the sources are finished. I run make distcheck to make sure the distributable package can be built successfully.


Note: lopack was originally named "oscframework" in versions prior to 0.2.0

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