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v1..0.1: 2012 Mar
- updated to latest libpd
- List::asFloat() & List::asSymbol() are now List::getFloat() & List::getSymbol()
v1.0.0: 2011 Oct, Nov
- added List building & sending
- wrapped Pd receiver and types within a "pd" namespace
- reworked api to better match libpd Java api
- channel is now first arg in midi functions
- port is now first arg in raw midi byte functions
- pgm num range is now 1-128 to match [pgmin]/[pgmout] (was 0-127)
- destination names are now set when finishing compound messages
- renamed "sysRT" functions to "sysRt"
- renamed "getArrayLen" to "getArraySize"
- renamed "*Source" functions to "subscribe" functions
- renamed "*subscribe" functions to "receive/ignore" functions
- renamed "ofxPdListener" class to "PdReceiver"
- renamed "*Listener" functions to "*Receiver" functions
- renamed Receiver functions (bangReceived, floatReceived, etc) to match
Java Receiver (receiveBang, receiveFloat, etc)
- split midi receiving into PdMidiReceiver base class
- renamed "dspOn/dspOff" to "start/stop"
- added computeAudio function
- receivers now receive from all subscribed sources by default
- renamed ofxPdListener and ofxPdTypes source files to PdReceiver and PdTypes
- renamed "getArraySize" function to "arraySize"
- renamed "setMaxMsgLength" function to "setMaxMessageLen"
- renamed "getMaxMsgLength" function to "maxMessgeLen"
- renamed "getBlockSize" function to "blockSize"
- renamed "sendMsg" & "finishMsg" functions to "sendMessage" & finishMessage"
- renamed midi funcs/objects to match java api (ie Note->NoteOn, Ctl->ControlChange, etc)
- renamed "receivedPrint" function to "print"
- added receiveMidi/ignoreMidi functions to filter midi channel events for PdMidiReceivers
- separated base libpd wrapper into PdBase class, now extended by ofxPd
- added setReceiver and setMidiReceiver functions
- added audio processing (processRaw, processShort, etc) functions
- Pd class source files (PdTypes, PdReceiver, etc) have been moved to src/pd/cpp
- added isInited function
- now checks if HAVE_UNISTD_H & USEAPI_DUMMY are defined before defining
- PdBase instance calls now wrapped by a PdContext singleton (global instance until multiple
context support is added to libpd)
v0.9.0: 2011 Sep
- updated to newest libpd
- added max message length setting
- merged win codeblocks branch
- cleaned Xcode projects, removed OF 0062 project
- tagged OF 0062 version
v0.8.0: 2011 Aug
- added codeblocks project for linux
- added branch with codeblocks project for windows
- updated readme with minigw info
- added pd external libs tutorial to readme
v0.7.0: 2011 Jun-Jul
- added path handling to addToSearchPath()
- added search path abs test to example
- added realtime scope array to example
- updated OF 007 project
- updated readme and comments
v0.6.0: 2011 May 29
- added array access
- added Patch object
- cleaned and updated api tests in example
- simplified some api names to match corresponding pd names (midi)
- midi channels are now numbered 1-16
- added keyboard piano to example
- added delay to example
- now thread safe on all platforms
- added BSD license
v0.5.0: 2011 May 26
- added OF 007 iOS project
- reorganized example into AppCore
- added ticksPerBuffer to init()
- updated OF 0062 project
- audio out working on iOS
- swapped num in and out channel arg order in init() to match ofSoundStream
- list and message receiving now working
v0.4.0: 2011 May 22
- added linux support
- added mutex for thread safety on linux (required by rtaudio)
- moved libpd sources to src folder
- bugfix soundstream hang on exit
- message event sources and subscriptions are now working
v0.3.0: 2011 May 18
- fleshed out entire libpd api
- sound in and out working
- added stream interface and type structs
- added receiving control functions
- updated example
- bugfix listener bugs and print handling
v0.2.0: 2011 May 13
- added libpd source update script
- removed 'pd' function name prefix
- added midinote callback
- added Xcode OF 0062 project
- updated Xcode 007 project files
- removed need for libpd static lib
- bugfix 0062 hangs on exit
v0.1.0: Initial version 2011 Jan
- added Xcode OF 007 beta project file
- added libpd as a static lib
- added message sending functions
- added message receiving functions
- audio out working
- added event listeners
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