(maintained) Pure Data abstraction library for the robotcowboy project
Pure Data
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Pure Data abstractions for the robotcowboy project

Copyright (c) Dan Wilcox 2007, 2011-present


The rc lib is focused on pd-vanilla / rjlib in order for the majority of patches to work in libpd.

You will need to have the rjlib installed and added to your path. Get it from here: https://github.com/rjdj/rjlib

rc: the new robotcowboy lib, following the rjlib model

extra: patches which require externals (aka pd-extended)


These are the old rc-patches for Pd-extended, 2008-2013. Most, if not all of this functionality has been rewritten in rc.

rc-patches: robotcowboy patch library (mostly rewritten into the rc lib)

gm-patches: general midi helpers (rewritten into the rc lib)

rc-drums: 808 drum emulation (rewritten into the rc lib)

wip-patches: (old) bleeding edge work in progress patches (not cleaned)