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MrTech - Friendly Ruby IRC Bot

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MrTech is a remake of an old Freenode bot that was written in .NET. Although
the features that the two had in common are very few, it's fun to redo the
features every now and then :)


$calc <equation>
  Feeds the equation into Google Calc. Can convert too.

	Give stats on dux's Redmine issue trackers.

	Rattle off a random BOFH excuse (from ./excuses)

	Get a short fortune from /usr/bin/games/fortune and returns it to the channel.

	Get a long fortune from /usr/bin/games/fortune and notices it to the requester.

	Lists the recent updates to issues on Dux's redmine trackers.

$urt [host/ip[:port]]
	Get the specified UrT server's stats, or the default server if no params.

$lock <factoid>
	Locks a factoid so only admins can edit it.

$unlock <factoid>
	Unlocks a factoid so anyone can edit it.

$karma <nick>
	Gets a person's karma.

Regex triggers:

/(bug|issue|feature|support|fixes|refs|references|IssueID) #?([0-9]+)/
we need to fix issue 4 and bug #17
	Gets the details of an issue from Dux's redmine and returns it to channel.

/^MrTech[:,] (.*?) is (.*)$/
MrTech: duckinator is a duck that can type
	Store a factoid.

/^MrTech[:,] (.*)$/
MrTech: testing
	Get a factoid.

	Vote karma up.

	Vote karma down.

/^\001ACTION (hugs|licks|kisses|huggles|snuggles up with|loves) MrTech(.*?)\001$/
/me huggles MrTech
	Triggers an "Aww." response

/^\001ACTION (kills|farts on|eats|drinks|poops on|sets fire to|bites) MrTech(.*?)\001$/
/me eats MrTech
	Triggers a "You're mean." response

License: BSD

MrTech uses Scott's awesome on_irc library, v1.0.

I'll go to v2.0 once it's mature.
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