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# Ruby on Sails Config File
# Edit with care. This file is in YAML format. # denotes comments.
# Name of the XMPP server and what goes after the @ in addresses
# Service/subdomain that the provider runs as, i.e. "wave" runs the provider
# at wave.*domain name*
# Comment out the whole line to use the domain name without a subdomain.
service-name: wave
# Location(s) of your .cert/.crt/.pem file(s)
# Put a dash before each file
- /home/danopia/certs/mine/ssl.crt
- /home/danopia/certs/startssl/server-class1.pem
- /home/danopia/certs/startssl/root.pem
# Location of your .key file
private-key-path: /home/danopia/certs/mine/ssl.key
# Connection details for the XMPP server. These values are used when connecting
# as a component. If you run XMPP locally, use 'localhost'
xmpp-connect-host: danopia
xmpp-connect-port: 5275
# Password used to connect as a component
xmpp-password: yaywave
# Hosts to ping when the server starts up, for testing purposes
# Add a # before the next line to disable autopinging
# Identity name to send to other servers
identity: Ruby on Sails - Danopia's Wave Server