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# $Id$
Module: SlipJaq - Sliding login panel using jQuery
Authors: teeny-tiny websites created this Drupal module from
HTML, CSS and JavaScript code by Jérémie Tisseau
This module provides a pull-down sliding panel for logging in and creating
a new account. It provides a prominent login/join prompt on every page
and, provided that the login succeeds, the current page doesn't change.
There are several configuration options, including allowing the slider
to be placed within a block, to change the title text, and to specify
an image/icon to display. Normally, the panel is not displayed on login
pages, as such pages duplicate the functionality of this module, but that,
too, is configurable.
In addition to basic configuration, this module allows for complete
theming control using normal theming hooks, a single theme template file
and CSS.
See the Doxygen output for detailed internal documentation.
Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3.0