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+# $Id$
+Module: SlipJaq - Sliding login panel using jQuery
+Authors: teeny-tiny websites created this Drupal module from
+HTML, CSS and JavaScript code by Jérémie Tisseau
+This module provides a pull-down sliding panel for logging in and creating
+a new account. It provides a prominent login/join prompt on every page
+and, provided that the login succeeds, the current page doesn't change.
+There are several configuration options, including allowing the slider
+to be placed within a block, to change the title text, and to specify
+an image/icon to display. Normally, the panel is not displayed on login
+pages, as such pages duplicate the functionality of this module, but that,
+too, is configurable.
+In addition to basic configuration, this module allows for complete
+theming control using normal theming hooks, a single theme template file
+and CSS.
+See the Doxygen output for detailed internal documentation.
+Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3.0

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