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3rd Person Shooter PC Game
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Venus Intelligence PC Game


  • Venus Intelligence is a third person shooter game made for the PC with the Unity 3D game engine.

Game Back Story: In the year 3000, the population on Earth has reached its maximum capacity and is forced to seek other planets as options for starting a new civilization. Countless efforts have been made to colonize Mars but all efforts have failed due to the freezing temperatures destroying all life and progress each time. The only other unlikely option is making the first ever voyage to Venus. However, NASA is only capable of funding one man to go to Venus due to the amount of wasted money on Mars. This man is faced with a huge responsibility to transmit as much data to base as possible with hopes of possibily colonizing it. He also understands that the mission is indeed a one way trip. While on his journey, he is faced with the unusual circumstance of crash landing on an active volcano surrounded by a 3000 mile inferno directly in the middle of Venus where temperatures are highest. He survives by climbing in his land drone Urdea where temperatures are sustainable and is able to navigate as far away from the crash site and volcano as possible. In doing so, he encounters an unsual presence of alien life already on Mars and they are threatened by him invading their developing civilization. To defend their community, they attack the voyager in waves while he is forced to remain in his drone. Luckily he finds weapons and other assets in his fight to help him survive.

Game Premise: -Survive by destroying as many enemies as possible in the forms of waves, each wave becoming increasingly more difficult -Player receives points for every enemy killed and can use points to unlock new areas of the map and build bridges to mystery items -4 orbs are located around the map with different perks to assist the player in the later rounds (Higher health bar, shoot further, etc.)

Repo Contents:

  • Located in this repo are a few of the scripts used in the creation of this game containing game, character, enemy and asset logic.
  • All scripts are written in C#
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