A Windows application using .NET that allows writing of basic Assembly applications and allows the user to execute them in a simulated environment.
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This is my A-Level Computing coursework application. (A-Levels are exams in the UK taken before entry to University). The project ran from October 2009 to April 2010, however most of the coding was done in a relatively short time.

The project is designed to help students learn Assembly. The application was made to replace the original one written by my Computing lecturer, Charlie Brown. The original was written in Visual Basic and was really buggy. I tried to make it a bit better.

The code is in C# and uses the .NET framework on Windows. It has been compiled on Windows XP, Vista and 7. Use the included Visual Studio Solution file to open and compile the project.

I do not take credit for the original application, this is a complete re-write so if you use any of this code in your own projects please credit me and tell me.

If you use this project or want to support it for any reason, you can donate to help fund the coffee that keeps me running :)

Author: Dan Palmer Email: dan.palmer@me.com Website: http://dapl.me


  • Enable other input modes (binary/hex) and write the code to handle this. This will require lots of validation to work properly with the current opcode input window.

  • Add the ability for the instructions to customise the input validator.

  • Reset instruction execution at the end of stepping through the instructions.