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Scripts to download and analyze MLB game data
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Scripts to download and analyze MLB game data.

Setting Up the Database

Create the PostgreSQL database:

createdb breakingball

Create the database tables:

./ init

To drop all application tables and recreate them from scratch (this will destory all previously loaded data):

./ reset

Downloading Game Data

Start celery workers (with optional concurrency)

celery -A gameloader worker --loglevel=info --concurrency=4 will first scrape game listings from a given date (or range of dates) and then delegate the download and extraction process to celery workers to be performed asynchronously. To load game data from a single date:

./ --start-date 2015-05-13

To load game data from a date range:

./ --start-date 2015-05-13 --end-date 2015-05-20

By default, the loader will skip games that exist in the database with a status of 'final'. To force a download and refresh of all game data, including those marked as final:

./ --start-date 2015-05-13 --refresh
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