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WireWorld is a Turing-complete Cellular Automaton that can be used to simulate circuits and logic gates. You can try out the simulator here.

Here's a guide that walks through the process of building a wireworld computer that calculates primes, complete with logic gates, flip-flops, adders, read only memory and registers.


A wireworld is made up of four types of cell.

  • Empty
  • Wire
  • Electron Head
  • Electron Tail

After each tick of the simulation, the following rules are applied.

  1. always stays
  • always becomes
  • always becomes 2
  • If has 1 or 2 neighbours, it becomes
    • Otherwise it stays as


Toggle play/pause Paint at cursor Clear grid
enter space x


Move left Move down Move up Move right
or h or j or k or l


1 2 3 4


Selection mode Copy selection Paste selection
ctrl y p


Distributed under the Eclipse Public License version 1.0.