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Haskell Contracts Checker
Haskell Shell

Committing a light version of the testsuite that does

not contain any CF contracts, in order to experiment
completeness and finite models without the CF-related
complications. The examples are taken from new-testsuite/

There is already an interesting finding: the append contracts
hold (and 'minrec' is able to say UNSAT), but they appear to
be non-provable (SAT) in master branch. I don't really know
what to say, but there must be something incomplete in master.

NB: 'minrec' vs 'min' does not play a role here -- minrec only
has to do with CF and there are no CF contracts in this testsuite.
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@dimitriv dimitriv authored

Haskell Contracts Checker

Installation instructions

First, you need to pull halo, the Haskell to Logic Translator:

git submodule update --init

Then, in the main directory, run

cabal install

This installs the hcc executable.

Running the testsuite

The testsuite is in the testsuite directory, with an own readme.

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