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Server-Client based implementation of the card game '500'.
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This is a web-based multi-player implementation of the Australian version of the card game '500', which is similar to 'Euchre'. ##Features ###Python Server:

  • Full logging capability with time-stamping to file and screen.
  • HTTP server integrated for ease of use. No local, out-of-date clients.
  • WebSocket client tracking.
  • JSON messaging format.
  • Asynchronous, event driven framework.

###HTML/JavaScript Web Client:

  • Lightweight. No images.
  • Automated implementation with server driven actions.
  • Simple implementation.

###Desktop Client (Future):

  • Should be a simple port from the Web Client above.
  • Intend to utilise the github electron framework.

###Game Play (Future):

  • I have previously written a working version of the card game.
  • It should be a matter of rolling my existing python logic into the new framework.

##Current Version The current available version is "Pre-Release" and only exists as a release as it is a reasonably bare framework which can be used for other projects which require a websocket/http server and client implementation.

##Credit I have used the following resources for this project.
All credit goes to the respective authors.
Note that my repo contains the needed files to run and I have modified all of them to some degree.

####Server End - Python:

  • Simple-Websocket-Server by dpallot
  • Transitions - Finite State Machine Implementation by Tal Yarkoni
  • Inspiration from: ThinkPython Card Class by Allen Downey

####Web Client - Javascript/JQuery:

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