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Improve support for default auto-complete snippets #12

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Submitted by @sethne

CSS vs LESS auto-complete differences.




After looking more into this issue, it comes back to Sublime's CSS snippets being too restrictive, and ultimately crippling its own flexible auto-complete system. The only way to solve this for now, is by removing the CSS completions, as described here in issue #9:

#9 (comment)

It won't give us CSS-aware completions, but will give us our same-file completions back at least.

Leaving this open in case anyone has a fix for this.


Just did what you explained in the #9 issue, it works pretty good.


That works ok, but it wont finish the : , we really need a good solution for this


Looking at the code, Im pretty sure just a regex change would work, but can't make it work


Any updates in regards to this bug? This would make the LESS plugin highly useable if fixed.


Is there a way to fix this by now? :/


Hey gang, I made some progress on the autocomplete issue. I ended up refactoring the entire language file using CSS.tmLanguage as a starting point. I was also able to figure out how to give us both snippet-completions and file-aware completions.

Not quite finished yet, but you can test it on the refactor branch:

@danro danro was assigned

Thank you! Working fine, so far.

@danro danro closed this in #37
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