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Presentation Template

This is my presentation template using pandoc to translate a markdown file called to HTML. The presentation is created using the markdown-presentation package.


  • pandoc has to be installed and be available in the PATH
  • The make command has to be available in the PATH
  • The dot command has to be available in the PATH as well if diagrams should be generated

Create the presentation

Building the presentation into a single self-contained HTML file is done by executing the following command:


Customizing the presentation

This is just a project template, so it only contains boilerplate code, that can be changed as required. The following sections explain each file in detail.

This file is written using pandoc's flavour of markdown. The first lines are information for the title slide of the presentation:

% Title of the presentation
% Author of the presentation
% Date of the presentation

Afterwards the other slides are defined. Every first and second level header will be its own slide.

# Slide 1

## Slide 2

### Content on Slide 2


Diagrams are automatically created using dot from the files ending with .dot in the diagrams folder. They are placed as SVGs in the same diagram folder, but will have a .svg ending. By this name it can be included in the presentation. So diagrams/ will become diagrams/ and can be included in the file: