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import 'dart:async';
import 'package:logging/logging.dart';
import 'package:zwave/port/rpi_zw_port.dart';
import 'package:zwave/zw_manager.dart';
import 'package:zwave/port/zw_port.dart';
import 'wall_switch.dart';
Future<void> main() async {
final example = Example(RpiZwPort());
await example.start();
await example.turnLampOn();
await Future.delayed(const Duration(seconds: 2));
await example.turnLampOff();
await example.stop();
class Example {
final ZwPort port;
final ZwManager manager;
// Change `9` to the node id of your wall switch or switched outlet
final lamp = WallSwitch(9, 'living room', 'lamp');
Example(this.port) : manager = ZwManager(port.driver) {
Future<void> start() async {
// Update this line with the path to your Z-Wave controller
final version = await manager.apiLibraryVersion();;
Future<void> turnLampOn() => lamp.setState(true);
Future<void> turnLampOff() => lamp.setState(false);
Future<void> stop() async {
await port.close();
Logger logger = Logger('Example');
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