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Add lore links to emails in mutt
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Lorifier is a mutt display filter that is used to add lore links to compatible emails, when they're viewed in mutt. It also adds a localized date header.

This script adds the following headers:

  • X-Date: Date translated to localtime
  • X-URI: lore-compatible link, if available


Copy to your filesystem. The rest of the files in this repository are not necessary.

Make the following modifications to your .muttrc:

set display_filter="/PATH/TO/"
ignore *
unignore from date subject to cc x-date x-uri message-id

Note that if Message-ID is not unignored, mutt will not pass it to the display_filter and the lore link will not be able to be generated. As a consequence of this behavior, will subsequently remove Message-ID from the displayed email, so that it will not be displayed.

Requirements requires python 3, and has been tested with 3.7.


Run 'make test' or 'pytest'. Requires pytest.

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