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Provide an additional level of insight and collaboration that is neither available nor appropriate for a real-time utility such as Tasseo.


Design, build and deploy a dashboard that allows users to correlate multiple metrics in a single chart, review long-term trends across one or more charts, and to collaborate with other users through a combination of annotations and related comment threads. This product should be capable of the following sample tasks:

  • Display complex charts (2+ disparate metrics including transformations)
  • Group related charts into a single view
  • Timeshift charts within the same view
  • Import existing graphs from external sources (e.g. Graphite API)
  • Modify graphs using native interface tooling (i.e. users should not have to use Graphite Composer to make changes)
  • Create new graphs using native interface tooling
  • Add notes (annotations) to charts
  • Add comments associated with specific annotations


Descartes stores configuration data in PostgreSQL and Google OpenID state in Redis. It is assumed you have local PostgreSQL and Redis servers running for local development.


  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis


$ rvm use 1.9.2
$ bundle install
$ export GRAPHITE_URL=...
$ export SESSION_SECRET=...
$ createdb descartes
$ bundle exec rake db:migrate:up
$ foreman start
$ open


$ export DEPLOY=production/staging/you
$ heroku create -r $DEPLOY -s cedar
$ heroku addons:add redistogo -r $DEPLOY
$ heroku addons:add heroku-postgresql:dev -r $DEPLOY
$ heroku config:set -r $DEPLOY GOOGLE_OAUTH_DOMAIN=...
$ heroku config:set -r $DEPLOY GRAPHITE_URL=...
$ heroku config:set -r $DEPLOY SESSION_SECRET...
$ heroku config:set -r $DEPLOY RAKE_ENV=production
$ git push $DEPLOY master
$ heroku scale -r $DEPLOY web=1
$ heroku open -r $DEPLOY


Descartes is distributed under the MIT license. Third-party software libraries included with this project are distributed under their respective licenses.