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This will eventually be an adventure game toolkit for the Pico-8 virtual console. Right now it's just some data format and workflow experiments. :)

Currently the only thing here are some experiments with packing text strings into cart data. The p8advent tool (see uses a specially-marked Lua source file to create a Pico-8 cart with string literals extracted into the cart data region, packed using a given text packing library.

textlib was an early attempt at a dictionary-based packing library that focused on English words, inspired by methods used by old text adventure games. It stores both the code stream and the dictionary in cart data, and so requires minimal RAM to access strings. In the context of Pico-8, it's not very satisfying: the compression rate for a long wordy text (A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens) only compressed to about 75% the original size. Simply packing the 6-bit character set into 8-bit strings (a reasonable method not yet implemented here) would be as effective, so a fancier algorithm has to do better than this.

lzwlib uses the LZW compression algorithm with variable-width codes. All strings share the same dictionary to maximize packing, but are stored byte-aligned with headers so they can be accessed directly. This requires that the Lua code reconstruct the dictionary in RAM before accessing any strings. The Dickens test text compresses to 48% when using as much Lua RAM as possible for the largest possible dictionary. Capping the dictionary at 4,096 entries bumps this up to about 60% for this text.

Of course, ToTC is not a typical text corpus for a game, even a large text-based game. I'll need to make an actual game that uses a lot of text to demonstrate that fancy packing techniques are actually profitable. It seems likely that a game that uses both text and graphics and wants to store strings could simply use a bit stream of 6-bit characters.


An adventure game toolkit for Pico-8.





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